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An Historic Breakthrough in Brain Health!

Q96-Empower Plus is the most highly researched micronutrient in history. Proven in Science, Court and in the testimonials of thousands.

Q96-Empower Plus is a clinically proven specially formulated micronutrient blend of 36 critical vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that provides essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system.

  • Supports Healthy Brain Development
  • Improves Cognition, Mental Clarity And Overall Brain Function
  • Enhances Mood & Mental Well-Being

Since 1996, Q96-Empower Plus has benefited tens of thousands of people in over sixty countries.

Please watch this short News Report and you will begin to understand why so many people are excited about Q96-Empower Plus … and some of the wonderful results they are experiencing.


The key to Q96′s effectiveness is a proprietary 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation process that significantly increases the bio-availability of these targeted nutrients so they can more effectively cross the blood-brain barrier for maximum support and uptake in the brain.

Constitutional Attorney Discusses EMPowerPlus

Twenty independent studies have been published, 14 in peer reviewed Medical Journals, including several in “The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry”, validating Q96’s effectiveness with mild to severe disorders such as:


In all, forty-one researchers and fifteen universities in four countries have participated in these research studies. Several double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials are currently under way. All research is conducted and funded independently. Q-Sciences has never funded any of the medical studies.

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